Comparing Pre-paid Funerals & Funeral Insurance

Prepaid Funeral

Funeral Insurance

Cost of the Funeral

A prepaid funeral covers the cost of the funeral regardless of the date of death.

Funeral Insurance payments are higher the older you are and the premiums often exceed the benefit you receive.

Annual Inflation

Prepaid funerals offer protection from escalating annual costs by locking in today's prices.

The benefit amount for your funeral is selected by you and may or may not be sufficient to cover the future funeral costs.

Freedom of Choice

Your family will be the ones making all the decisions regarding the funeral arrangements as no instructions are recorded with funeral insurance.

When organising a prepaid funeral,
you choose the funeral you want by making selections that suit the style of service you prefer.

Payment Options

Prepaid funerals are able to be paid upfront or in instalments. Once the account has been paid there are no ongoing fees.

If payments cease or are not kept up to date, no benefit is able to be received, even if you have been making payments for a long period of time.

Centrelink &
other benefits

A prepaid funeral is exempt from the Centrelink assets test. This may help
 you to qualify for Aged Pension or a
Part Pension.

Funeral Insurance is not exempt and does not affect social security or
pension benefits.


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